Mobile Payment

M-payment is a convenient payment tool for payments for goods, services or a content on internet. It is a very secure payment method as it is linked to the mobile phone number and the customer’s account at his mobile phone operator. We will provide to clients (merchants) installation of m-payment to make it available for their customers – which means to the users of all mobile phone operators in the Czech Republic. This payment method is convenient for example for ticket selling for music and sport events, insurance, e-commerce or gambling houses. The payments will be deducted from customers’ balance of prepaid debit card or it will be added to their billing statement if they are using mobile phone tariff.

SMS Marketing

In the fight to keep existing customers and attract new ones there is increasing use of competitions as an important communication channel and tool for your presentation. An ideal companion on the path from the client towards the final consumer is the mobile phone, mainly due to its simplicity and availability for the user. Premium SMS (PR SMS) is a simple and effective marketing and payment tool, which allows bi-directional communication via an SMS communication medium, the ‘premium phone number’. This number is uniform for customers of all mobile operators in the Czech Republic. We offer our clients from advertising agencies or clients directly involved in SMS marketing the organization of SMS contests, SMS voting or options for interactive communication by sending mass SMS (using premium or non-premium SMS).

SMS Service

Premium SMS (PR SMS) is a simple and effective marketing as well as payment tool, which allows bi-directional SMS communication by means of the ‘premium phone number’. This number is uniform for customers of all mobile operators in the Czech Republic. So now you can use the mobile phone as a safe tool for paying for travel insurance, regulatory fees in healthcare facilities, to purchase tickets for cinemas, theatres or sports facilities, access to websites, booking sightseeing tours, etc. Using SMS services you can pay for both one-time and recurring events.

The customer can be charged by sending an SMS (MO SMS = Mobile Originated SMS) or by receiving a reply SMS on their mobile phone (MT SMS = Mobile Terminated SMS). Each of these models is used for a different type of service. The model for charging for a reply SMS (MT SMS) is used for example in the case of subscriptions, where, after the initial consent, it is possible to charge the customer repeatedly.

Voice Services

Voice, sometimes also audiotext services and the associated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services are now widely used by companies of all sizes for different purposes. Since IVR can be operated on normal numbers as well on numbers with different tariffs (for free - 800 numbers, local charges for 840 numbers, increased tariffs - 90x numbers), it has a wide range of uses. You can choose whether you will pay for an incoming customer or they will pay you.

Developing information systems

We offer the design and implementation of information systems for hospitals and health care facilities, municipal police, distribution companies.

SMS gate

We offer various options how to approach your target group with an advertising campaign. You just need to choose the right solution for you. We can approach your target customers for example by sending advertising SMS on a specific date or in a specific region.


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